"What life sustains " this is what the name "corn" originally represented. As we know, corn is one of the most consumed cereals by millions of people. This has been part of our diet for centuries.

Since many years ago, the sense of Mayan time is based on understanding the cycles of the observable movement of the sun, the phases of the moon, the gestation period of human beings and the growth cycle of corn.

The sun, the corn and the calendar are the perfect trio. After analyzing the cycles of time, they realized that the zenith pass is critical for life, and when the sun is directly above the cornfield, its rays feed the corn plants and the cycle ends up being a success.

We know that corn, is delicious in different ways, we can consume it as a tortilla, corncob, cereals, etc. But another way to enjoy it, is as a snack. The totopo is that appetizer that is found in almost all Mexican parties, so this month we want to talk about its variations as food.

The totopo or tortilla chip is a crunchy tortilla and has a rough texture in a triangle shape. These have different purposes, we can decorate saucers with them, surrounded by refried beans or a delicious guacamole. We can also use them as centerpiece to enjoy them with sauce or with the same garnishes mentioned.

The totopo is a very versatile snack, since not only can these forms be enjoyed, chilaquiles made with totopos can be the perfect breakfast for any day. To enjoy the totopos is not necessary to serve them with fancy food, with just a bit of lemon you can have a delicious appetizer.

Today we celebrate this Mexican delicacy and the best way of doing it is by eating some totopos. Eat your totopos with some fresh and delicious vegetables from local producers and don’t forget to add some salt from Traspatio Maya make it tasty.

The totopo is an appetizer that manages to delight almost everyone, they all have different ways of consuming it and in all its forms this is more than delicious.