Women’s day: Know our producters

Women’s day

In Traspatio Maya we are filled with happiness and pride celebrating our producers who with their constant struggle and great heart fill us with exquisite ingredients. Because of this, we want the stories of Luciely Cahum Mejía and Pascuala Yamá Xix to be known. With their perseverance and dedication, we can preserve the Mayan culture and traditions as well as all those who are part of the team.

Pascuala Yamá Xix, is originally from Tixcacaltuyub, a community east of Yucatan. Pascuala is a hard-working woman who has participated with great enthusiasm in different projects of the FHMM. She has broken schemes and overcome adversities, especially the gender inequality that usually prevails in this communities, she is an independent woman who the words "you cannot leave home" does not impose on her, she is a core member of the group of meliponiculturists in Tixcacaltuyub and is an active producer of backyard products, from the project "Ask for your huacal" from Traspatio Maya. Pascuala, inherited from her grandparents and parents, the passion for sowing and the care of the backyard, which is transmitted in the products she offers.

Luciely Cahum Mejía, is originally from Granada, Maxcanú police station to the west of Yucatan. Luciely is the promoter of agriculture in her community whose dynamism, versatility, optimism and dedication are reflected in the projects she carries out. Luciely is a proactive woman, whose intuition in solving problems or conflicts, would surprise anyone. Once a week, she takes her tricycle and together with her partners goes to collect organic waste around the community for the production of compost.

Likewise, she is a woman committed to her community, as she looks after the interests of her fellow breeders, always looking for transparency and honesty to achieve a successful project. As a promoter of agriculture, she leads the production of backyard products in the "Ask your huacal" project of Traspatio Maya and forms an angular part in the "Seed Bank" project of the Environment component.

Pascuala and Luciely are worthy representatives of women committed to their work. Many women are in a constant struggle for gender equality and although the road is still long, there are women who do not stop and continue to make this possible and Luciely and Pascuala are not left behind so in this month and always we are very grateful for your work.